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Mojo Liquid Pipe Cleaner is safe for the environment but tough on tar and resin. The best pipe and bong cleaner.

16 ounce Mojo Liquid Pipe Cleaner

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Don't let a dirty pipe or bong ruin your high. Keep your pipes, bongs, hookahs and other smoking devices clean the easy way with Mojo Liquid Pipe Cleaner.  Our plant based cleaner is safe for you and the environment yet tough on the tar and resin that clog your pipes. A 2-minute quick clean or 20 minute soak, once a week is all it takes to keep your rigs and pieces like new. 

* No Alcohol * No Carcinogens * No VOC's * No Petroleum Products * Non-Flammable * Non-Polluting *   Non-Abrasive * Hap Free * Plant Based * Readily Biodegradable *

    Not recommended for wood pipes.